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 My name is Sarah Burgess and I am an American Mutt. I'm 28 years old and a graduate student in experimental psychology.

For most of my life I only knew my paternal grandfather's (and, to a certain extent, my paternal grandmother's) genealogical information. My mother's side was a complete mystery to me aside from the fact that my maternal great-grandfather left the Mennonite order along with his brothers. Maternal grandfather left when my mother was four and my maternal grandmother never talked about this sort of thing.

Recently, however, I learned that she kept copious amounts of genealogical information and even attended huge family reunions to share and exchange family history! My mother mentioned that she had some papers that she had collected and it turned out that it was an absolute goldmine of information.

I've been a genealogy nerd since I was very little and, now that I'm older, I'm taking it upon myself to re-gather as much information about my branches as I can. My goal is to trace myself back via my maternal and paternal grandmothers and grandfathers. Perhaps when I am older I can tackle some of the other names.

For my first post I will list the four families I am researching now and a brief synopsis of my family stories. I intend to post further details about each name and, eventually, share my various forays into my research.

Behold, my family:

Beam (Bohem, Boheme) - maternal grandmother. First ancestor was a pissed-off Swiss guy that hung out with German Mennonites and then immigrated to the British colonies in 1712 during the (relative) mass exodus of Mennonites. My g-g-g grandfather was jailed for helping out British troops during the Revolutionary war and, after finally being released, moved his family to Canada. That branch remained there until my g-grandfather moved to Michigan.

Thoroughman - maternal grandfather. Very recently learned that the first branch immigrated from England in the early 1700s. May be getting more information soon from a fella my mother found online and my cousin.

Cullen - paternal grandmother. All I know is that she was 100% Irish and her family immigrated to Canada during the 'Famine. Grandmother moved to Michigan before starting her family.

No, I do not have vampires in my family. If this was a genuine question of yours then you should simply leave my blog now.

Burgess - paternal grandfather. My father (EDIT - his great-aunt Minette) was the main compiler of the Burgess line. I have the packet of information, which goes back seven generations. I believe that it is packed somewhere.

Lately I've been digging for Beam information because of the recent discovery of files mentioned above. I'd LOVE to get more information on Cullen but I've been severely hampered by the Twilight phenomenon.

That's about it for now. Happy hunting, friends!



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Sep. 11th, 2010 04:03 am (UTC)
Hi fellow young genealogist!
Hi fellow 28-year-old genealogist! I just wanted to say hi! I found your blog through a posting at Greta's blog: http://gretabog.blogspot.com/2010/09/follow-friday-10-september-2010.html.
Sep. 11th, 2010 04:54 am (UTC)
Re: Hi fellow young genealogist!
Well hi there! It's so exciting to find someone my age that is into genealogy!

Thanks for hooking me up with Greta's blog. I'm still very new to the online community and am having so much fun finding all of the neat places that are out there.

Do you have a blog, too?
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